Everything You Want to Know About Massage Therapy

The history of massage therapy dates back to the ancient times when the West and East civilizations realized that body rub had a natural healing. Since then, massage has been used as a means of healing injuries, relieving pain, preventing and curing illnesses. Additionally, massage has been used in reducing stress and producing deep relaxation.

Therapeutic massage started as a system of sacred and natural healing. However, it was rendered disreputable by cultural shifts that came with extensive indulgences. Nevertheless, massage has been able to endure these turns to become a popular method of holistic healing that is practiced in different parts of the world.

There are several benefits of massage therapy. 

They include:

Relieving headache and stress: Massage helps in easing pain and pressure in the body which reduces the frequency at which you experience migraines and headaches. One massage session can lower cortisol, insulin and heart rate levels. All these are important in reducing stress and enabling you to lead a happier and healthier lifestyle.

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Improving circulation: Massage creates pressure that moves blood via congested areas. This enhances the flow of blood in the body while enhancing body function.

Encouraging relaxation: Massage enables the body to enter a resting and recovery mode which leads to relaxation. Neck and back rub relaxes the muscles which can also help in relieving pain. This effect lasts long even after a massage session.

Improving motion and flexibility: Joints are tightened as you age and this can cause restriction to your flexibility and motion. Massage helps in increasing the flow of fluids in the joints which enhances motion and flexibility.

Strengthening the immune system: Several studies have revealed that massage increases the cytotoxic capacity of the immune system. This is the body’s activity level of the natural killer cells.

Therapeutic massage techniques

There are many techniques that a massage therapist can use to enable you to realize the full benefits of therapeutic massage. These techniques vary because the therapeutic needs of one person are different from those of another person. Additionally, therapeutic needs of a person vary. This is why every massage therapeutic clinic uses different massage techniques. These techniques vary in terms of pressure, focus areas and the desired results.

Among the most common massage techniques include:

  • Tiger point massage therapy: This technique focuses on the points of the muscle tissues that cause pain to the other body parts. It is aimed at alleviating pain from the source through isolated application and release of pressure.
  • Swedish massage: This entails the application and release of light or medium pressure. It helps in relieving stress, reducing pain, promoting relaxation and boosting moods.
  • Sports massage: With this technique, pressure is applied and released at specific troublesome areas such as the shoulder or the knee. It is aimed at relieving pain and healing the injured body parts.

Other popular massage techniques include prenatal massage, geriatric massage, cranial sacral, and reflexology. You can always try to find an rmt in port moody. On visiting a massage therapeutic clinic, your massage therapist will determine the appropriate technique to use so that you can realize the full benefits of a massage therapy session.